Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scribbles Rule.

The better it looks the more narrow the feedback.

We see this with books and software all the time. I personally experience it at least once a month with logos, layouts and web sites. Show them something polished and pretty, and you'll get feedback on font sizes and color.

Those critiquing make incremental tweaks and suggestions, blinded by what's in front of them. But show the people that truly think (those that have some vision) a napkin sketch, and they don't just see what's there, they see what's possible - which not only improves the project - it expedites the whole process.

So the Catch 22 is, the AEs and other non-creatives that view great ideas when they're in the infancy stages of scribbles and thumbnails just don't get it and really can't see the idea. They need to see things polished because, well, I guess because they simply lack imagination or vision or as they're fond of saying "I get it, (when they really don't) but I don't think the client will understand - can you make it more polished..."

And so it goes, the "visionless" middlemen, (in an effort to make themselves look busy and covering there own asses) second guess what they believe the client is capable of comprehending, create more senseless busy work wasting valuable concept and execution time for the folks that actually make things happen.

Anyway, if you find yourself in the same boat and having to deal with the conceptually challenged, you need to read the rest from the smart folks at: HeadRush

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