Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Are You Experienced?

Experience is everywhere from cave paintings to broadband websites but what exactly is it?

Read psychologist Tom Guarriello’s primer on defining and designing experience. I know it might sound sort of boring and it's a 3 page article but it really gets great by the end of page one.

If you have anything to do with advertising, design or the web, you'll dig it, I swear.

And as Tom Guarriello put it (as a comment to the original article) "I like the way you describe the designer’s challenge: mix, shake, color, pre-vision, re-vision, en-vision, and let it go. The new emerging from the re-conceptualization of the existing."

Go read: Are You Experienced?

Thanks to: UX Magazine and Jeff Simpson for the inspirational Hendrix photo.

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