Friday, March 09, 2007

Karma Boomerang

Close Call!

Our sweet puppy Dazy was hit by a car this morning. She dashed out as Chrissy was fixing to take Brette to school.

The *@%hole that hit her sped away with our neighbor Eric chasing the late model tan Jeep Cherokee with Texas plates up our street.

We brought her to the emergency room and the Doc checked for internal bleeding, gave us some anti inflammatory meds and said to simply just keep an eye on her over the weekend and she should be fine.

Best news is that she does seem fine but might be a little sore come tomorrow.

Thanks to all our awesome dog loving neighbors that heard the thud and rushed ouside so early this morning - Eric, Lee, Justin, Charlotte and Michael!

And as for the heartless loser in the Jeep - I hope the guilt eats at you everyday until that Karma Boomerang eventually comes back and smacks you on the head.

And that's right - it will come back.




  1. Anonymous3:46 AM

    I hope the scumball who hit her dies a slow and painful death. What a waste of space. In the UK if you hit a dog it's the law we must report it to the police.

    I hope she gets better soon.

  2. She's totally back to normal and today she turns 1 year old!

    Thanks for the comment.