Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't Be A Poser!

Although I still believe in the mantra "Nothing succeeds like the appearance of succeess", Dan Ritzenthaler reminds us that it’s incredibly easy to get caught up thinking that the bigger we are and the cooler we look, the better off we’ll be as a business.

The idea of looking “official” will get us more attention and credibility and a fancy office will legitimize everything we say…

You may or may not agree with that last rant, but hopefully you noticed nowhere in it was there anything about making the client’s life better or the world a nicer place. Neither of those goals may be the purpose of you or your company, but acting like it at any level other than what you really mean is the business version of a poser.

In the long run, posers lose.

Faking, pretending, and playing with people’s emotions can get you far… But not for very long… Don’t let yourself fall for tomorrow’s win when when you need to succeed next year.

Don’t be a poser - read more: Forty Media

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Thanks to Dan Ritzenthaler for the keen insight. Dan's one of the big monkeys over at Forty Media, a high-end web design, web development, and branding agency based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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