Saturday, March 03, 2007

First Things First: 101 Research

This is from an article in yesterday's New York Times:

There are “brand aspirationals” (people with low incomes who are obsessed with names like KitchenAid), “price-sensitive affluents” (wealthier shoppers who love deals), and “value-price shoppers” (who like low prices and cannot afford much more).

The new categories are significant because for the first time, Wal-Mart thinks it finally understands not just how people shop at its stores, but why they shop the way they do.

Uh, yeah. It's amazing what can be accomplished and how much time and money can be saved when you do even just a little 101 reseach first...

If you believe in the concept of process and research (not to mention the obvious), It’s Not Only About Price at Wal-Mart is a great read.

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