Saturday, March 24, 2007

Everything Is Interesting

Uncommon Knowledge: 002

Introducing a new Ace Jet. series: Uncommon Knowledge, or Stuff I wish I'd known much, much earlier in my career.

This second post from the series goes on to suggest a system for collecting and ordering the stuff all true designers collect.

The combinations thing goes for everything we do: On one level we combine colours with shapes and typefaces and words, and end up with logos. On another level we take an airmail letter and the idea of love songs and think about love letters, and end up with things like this, despite who the client is.

I totally agree, there's nothing like the power of some old fashioned juxtaposition to get the ideas and concepts generating. Couple that with the belief that everything is interesting and you're on your way to something special.

Looks like a great series and I'm looking forward to more - check it out >>> Uncommon Knowledge.

And I just totally dig Ace Jet's use of John Blyberg's awesome Card Generator to present the ideas.

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