Saturday, June 02, 2007

Passing The Torch

This is an old friend of mine, Phillip Wellman, from James Madison High School in San Antonio.

Back then, I was considered the crazy wild one. I freaked Phillip out once during our senior year by chugging a six pack while we sat at a red light on our way to a party.

We were both 18, legal at the time.

Well, Phillip, congratulations!

As the above video proves, You are the new King!

That's Right,


FYI: Wellman, 44, is in his first year as manager for the Class AA team. He also was with the Braves from 1988-91, then rejoined the organization in 2004 as the manager of the short-season Danville Braves.

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  1. I can't believe you know that guy. You rock. The fact that you are even associated with this guy makes me want your autograph. The belly crawl is by far his best move. Sweet.