Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cheers To Sascha!

In case you haven't met, this is Sascha, the Hamm's Bear, one of my personal all time favorite mascots - second only to The Spurs Coyote. (During the 1993-94 season he became the first mascot in NBA history to dunk both a basketball and a doughnut in a single game!)

While most beer commercials of the 50's involved lots of over the top bragging about how good their product was, the Hamm’s spots came equipped with humor, plot and punch line.

The occasional interaction between cartoons and real actors was ground breaking—Sascha beat Roger Rabbit to the punch by 40 years.

Read more about Sascha and nine other stories behind the faces on the bottle over at Modern Drunkard Magazine's cover story: The 10 Greatest Alcohol Icons Of All Time.

Click Hear: Hamm's Piano Version of The Jingle.

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Thanks to the Presurfer.

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