Monday, July 09, 2007

Site Structure: Quiet vs Loud

A quiet zone in the middle of NYC - Strawberry Fields to be exact.

Quiet structure is achieved when you de–emphasize the structural elements; the containing boxes, structural lines, bullets, structural color elements, etc… and bring a rhythmical consistency to the layout.

Andy Rutledge takes a look at both the main page of and then at USA

Personally, I'm digging CNN's overall clean and clear presentation of information, it's reminds me of a simple, straight forward and easy to read blog layout.

Even though USA Today’s is not a terrible design, by comparison it is far more chaotic in presentation.

But why is this? Read on as Andy compares a few of the individual elements from these two sites in terms of Quiet Structure vs Loud Structure.

The result is that the content becomes more conspicuous and the overall clarity of presentation is greatly enhanced.

Read the whole Quiet vs Loud article.

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Thanks to David for the cool shot.

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