Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thinking About Three

Ok, tomorrow is the 3rd Year Anniversary of That's Right, which has got me thinking about the number three...

According to Michael Eck, in our minds we break concepts into three parts to understand whatever it is we are thinking about. We use threes to define systems. We use the third or middle point with regard to the extremes to define a point of view.

Yadda yadda yadda.

If that's a little too deep for you at the moment, it is for me, here's 3 of my favorite tracks by The Sandals from one of my favorite movies, Bruce Brown's Endless Summer.

Whether you're looking for the perfect wave or the perfect parking spot, you'll dig Lonely Road by The Sandals from the official 1964 Endless Summer soundtrack.

And the intro to this one makes a perfect ringtone for all your party buds, in fact, the Pope even has this killer Sandals gem, 6-Pak! in his Vatican Togo Party Playlist...

And, because the most interesting things always seem to come in sets of threes, like waves, holiday weekend days and Canadian rock bands, here's one more from the Sandals, the tropical-spy meets beach-party ditty Jet Black.

And if you're in need of any more fresh audio, Click Hear!

Stay Tuned Y'all!

That's Right,


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