Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why Ivy Ross Rules

Ambidextrous Magazine recently ran a cool interview with Ivy Ross, she’s the head of design and packaging for the girls division at Mattel.

Here are a few excerpts.

On the importance of meaning:

Let's face it. Everyone has everything. We are not about price anymore. Everything exists at every price level. It's about the connection you find with the object.

On the power of unleashing your personal design thinking process:

I had to think about my own creative process. What I did for myself was feed myself. I took on a question and ate absolutely everything I could. I allowed myself freedom to explore, without restrictions, and at a really organic pace. I was like a kid.

On the drivers of innovative behavior:

I also believe that creativity and innovation are built around trust and freedom. Companies don't get that. They think it is a process. It is really about creating trust between the people creating and the freedom to go to new places.

Get the 2 page PDF.

More good stuff from Ivy Ross.

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Thanks to the smart folks at Meta Cool.

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