Monday, August 06, 2007

Selling A Concept With A Song

Nice Sounds 029

Here's a cool article about developers in New York saying they're better able to convey the vibe of a particular building by commissioning or licensing (or illegally using) music for their Web sites and sales offices.

The concept of using music as an effective way to announce a building’s intended demographic without ever saying a word is a great idea.

“Certain types of people generally have an affinity for one type of music more than another,” said Shaun Osher, the chief executive of CORE Group Marketing, which has worked on a number of music-infused campaigns.

Read the rest over at The New York Times Real Estate Section.

I'm doing the same sort of thing with the covers of my weekly HMK Mystery Stream podcasts.

Click Hear if you're interested in what the above illustration sounds like...

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