Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Striking Images

Grab yourself a big cup of java and take a look at this labor of love/rescue mission - the amazing collection of 1950s and 60s Eastern European matchbox labels, all courtesy of Jane McDevitt.

If you've been one of the handful of folks that have been reading my That's Right blog for the last 3.5+ years you know that I'm a huge ephemera and type freak. I'm always a sucker for huge collections of what I consider to be ignored graphic design gems such as stamps, sugar packets, old tickets and the like.

Subject matter in this collection ranges from propaganda to public service announcements including fire safety, hygiene, money saving, alcohol abuse and road safety. Sweet!

Nothing like zooming in on the exquisite off registration of type and images covering the fat and gnarly, toothy paper stock.

Go: Matchbox Lables.

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