Friday, March 07, 2008

Blackberry = 8 Track Tape

Ok, it's official. The future is finally here.

Wow. I'm touched. Just 32 weeks old, and the iPhone is already smarter than Yoda. By this time next year, if not sooner, your Brickberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm is going to appear as archaic as a Walkman.

According to the New York Times, the iPhone's already the second most popular smartphone after the BlackBerry, with a 28 percent share of the market, but its inability to communicate with corporate computer systems running Microsoft Exchange has hindered its growth in that market.

That all changed yesterday afternoon at Town Hall in Appleland when Steve Jobs and team quietly, sans fanfare and without much hype at all, truly did it again and seriously changed everything! Forget what you know about the business and consumer markets in regard to all things mobile and beyond - go witness the next and probably the most important step in Apple's mobile domination. Apple March 6th Event.

Sure, it's over an hour long, kinda geeky and boring, but in a good way and man, it is soooo worth it!

Watch it, wonder and ponder. Then start thinking about making your own apps! Simply amazing.

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