Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rossingnol Rebrand

It's really nice to see a refreshing back to basics logo redesign. I for one totally love the big, classic script R. Very Nice!

I'm really digging the simplistic and easy to read 2 color design, sans all the trendy gradients, shadows and bevels. Not really sure about the tag line though, seems long.

This is from the Rossignol press release:

"Embracing the power and familiarity of the classic "R" (born in 1965), the new logo presents a strong, simple message: "This is made by Rossignol." We want to emphasize that Rossignol's products are made by people committed to perfection, and who have a deep understanding of the mountain lifestyle and environment. The "R" represents a unification of purpose, of direction and of reason."

As an old school skier I must say that I'm kinda missing the rooster though...

There's more good stuff in regard to logos and rebranding from the smart folks at Under Consideration over at their Brand New section.

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