Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Vegas Is For Wussies

Cool stuff from agency KesselsKramer, Amsterdam for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel.

I vaguely remember staying at the Hans Brinker Hotel back in 1997 on a trip with my art school bud Mike Mackenzie. My brother Terry was living in Holland at the time and we were having trouble getting in touch with him after arriving via the train from Paris. We got in late, it was raining and we just wanted a safe clean place to crash until we found a nicer place the next day and hooked up with my brother.

The funniest part of the trip was standing in the freezing November downpour talking into a speaker at the gates of the American Embassy looking for info on my brother, stationed at Soesterberg Air Base, which was in the process of closing at the time... Amatures!

You really can't get more Dutch than Hans Brinker!

That's Right,


Gracias to The Hidden Persuader.

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