Friday, May 30, 2008

How To Create A Butt Ugly Website

From the moment a visitor hits your site to the time they exit, there are plenty of effective techniques to not only annoy them, but insure that they'll never come back.

In this dead on piece, Alec Rios identifies 28 points to remember during a website development and how to execute them properly.

Here are a few gems:

Use as many random colors as you can. It doesn’t matter if they look good together or not, just make a rainbow. Eat some skittles for inspiration.

Play background music automatically. Everyone in the world likes the exact same music as you, so feel free to play some automatically. Don’t allow me to pause it or anything, though.

Use HTML tables. Forget CSS. Travel back in time and use some HTML.

Use at least five different fonts. The more variation, the better. Be sure to include a few fancy, cursive, illegible fonts. Don’t make it look like you had a scheme of any kind.

Show no professionalism whatsoever. Don’t make your website look professional, don’t act professional. Just be a kid.

Don’t pay attention to your visitors. Completely ignore them. Don’t answer email, don’t accept feedback, nothing.

Force me to register. People think that registering will keep visitors coming back. It won’t. So keep making people do it.

Never update your website. Outdated information is in this year.

And if for some odd reason you want to create a good website, simply do the exact opposite of all this.

Check out all 28 points over: HERE.

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Thanks to The Design Observer

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