Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Life Is A Makeready

A Not A: Reality Test

My life is a Makeready.

(Makereadies, as Design Observer and Drenttel partner Jessica Helfand accurately defines them and for the uninitiated, are sheets of paper, re-fed into a press to get the ink balances up to speed, leaving a series of often random, palimpsest-like, multiple impressions on a single surface.)

So that really spoke to me. I believe whole-heartedly that every word we write, every thought we commit to the page, is heavily influenced by our surroundings, our speech, our language, and (most important of all) our past. I am the sum total of my past experiences, and there is no way that I could ever extricate myself from what I have seen/heard/done, and my writing, whether it be inspired or prosaic, is the direct result of that.

And that, dear readers, is my palimpsest.

That's Right


Thanks to Christopher Keep and Tim McLaughlin.

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