Saturday, July 05, 2008

Liverpool Letterpool News

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Letterpool is a community art project showcasing examples of glorious typography in and around Liverpool from modern day, dating back to the eighteenth century and beyond. We are calling for entries from the people of Liverpool to send in photographs of your favourite examples of type, ranging from funky and artistic to commercial and industrial.

Many of the photos will be shown on the Letterpool web site and 100 of the best will make it into a hardback book to be published at the end of this year.

Dig it: Letterpool.

And speaking of liverpool... For 44 years a canister of film had been stored in a damp garage in South London; unopened, unloved and almost thrown away.
But, finally, somebody took a look inside - and realised they had unearthed a piece of pop history.

This is the story of a lost Beatles interview, produced by Howard Shannon - which is to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday for the first time since it was originally recorded.

The nine-minute interview took place in the studios of Scottish Television on Thursday, 30 April, 1964 and airs at on Tuesday 1 July, and again at on Saturday 5 July, check out BBC for more info.

And who knows, you might just might find it here over at Necessito La Music...

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