Friday, July 18, 2008

Watchmen Trailer

Sweet! Watchmen is really coming and the trailer is up and live on iTunes Trailers.

Really, really digging the visuals but not totally sure what's up with the music selection for the trailer.

What is up with using the Smashing Pumpkins, a band that formed in 1988, three years after the setting of the novel?

And more specifically the actual song, "The End Is the Beginning Is the End”. WTF? As Rebecca Cullers from Ad Freak reminds us, this song was originally written about Batman for the movie Batman and Robin. Did they think comic-book geeks wouldn’t notice something like that? I understand this first Watchmen trailer is premiering with the opening of "The Black Knight", but the music seems to lump this in with all the other super hero movies and Watchmen is anything but!

Fortunately, they've still got 6 months or so to hopefully get back to the soul of the original book using the more poignant and less forgettable songs of by the likes of Dylan and Elvis Costello...

UPDATE: This is encouraging news from Entertainment Weekly:

"Based on footage Snyder screened for EW, at least, the work seems to have been worth it. Multiple scenes—the Comedian’s murder, Rorschach’s introduction, Dr. Manhat tan’s origin, and a title sequence that flies through the history of Watchmen America, set to Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’”—suggest a film that may capture more of Watchmen than anyone thought possible. Sure, there have been changes. But Snyder’s film clearly seeks to emulate the comic. The Gunga Diner, the “Who Watches the Watchmen?” graffiti, the blood-splashed smiley-face button evoking a doomsday clock—it’s all there."

Awesome. And if that's not enough Watchmen news for you, then dig this: Wow!

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