Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Redbone Guitar Boutique Is Open!

Richard Turner: Redbone Guitar Boutique

Congratulations to my buddy Richard Turner, a generous, lucky and hardworking man who's just fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams by opening Redbone Guitar Boutique. The showroom proudly displays tons of drool worthy left & right handed vintage and custom guitars, along with some pretty sweet microphones, amps and lots of other high quality, top shelf gear and swag including limited edition t-shirts - more on that in future posts...

Richard's also the cool cat behind the 22 years + and still rolling The Best of The Beatles with Richard Turner, the longest running show in the history of KSYM radio 90.1 fm in San Antonio, Texas.

And speaking of wicked nice guys, here's David Gray, resident guitar wizard and director of operations for Turner Street Productions, that is, when he's not touring the hill county on his bike or pulling rabbits out of his hat to make the impossible happen.

David Gray: Redbone Guitar Boutique

For the moment, the site's simply a splash screen with contact info, a down and dirty master inventory list and some hip rescued audio enabling you to tune your guitar as you drool over the list: Redbone Guitar Boutique.

Congrats Rick, Blanca, Dausin and Scott – the store is looking amazing!

Stay tuned for official Grand Opening info...

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  1. A boutique with lots of LEFT-HANDED guitars! My dream! It's very rare I find any in shops here in England :-( Best of luck to your buddy, it looks like he has an amazing business. Nicely designed identity and site too :-)

  2. Thanks - It's both a work in progress and a labor of love - lots more to come!



  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Nice place!