Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Backstory Cafe

The lucky folks in Chicago have a brand spankingly fresh community-based initiative in the form of a new cafe within the walls of Experimental Station thanks to spearhead Sara Black of the artist group Material Exchange and others.

Backstory's mission is to be a small coffee/tea house and cafe and neighborhood meeting place, a site for social engagement.

"Backstory is an infoshop and used bookshop (offering titles suggested by local artists, activists, environmentalists, educators and religious leaders) all supported by a small cafe serving in the spirit of slow food in Chicago. We are dedicated to conscientious consumerism, transparency, and ethical alternative business practices. We aim to provide a judgment-free zone that will encourage, produce, and facilitate a thoughtful exchange of ideas, respectful discussion, and productive social activity. We are a community-based initiative that aims to provide a convivial space for meeting and function as a resource center for local non-profit initiatives, and neighborhood-based projects. We facilitate the archiving and presentation of promotional materials that will allow a broader audience to access local, social service, cultural, and educational initiatives thereby promoting more actively involved citizenship. In addition to being your neighborhood cafe, we hope be a source for independent media, live music, literary readings, film screenings, round-table discussions, interviews, self-education initiatives, and more. We believe the act of engagement is an end as well as a means to achieve our purpose of growing a more critical consciousness within our community."

Oh how we need a few of these down here in San Antonio. I'd love to be involved with something as smart and cool as Experimental Station and Backstory Cafe.


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Thanks to the smart folks at Eyebeam.

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