Sunday, February 08, 2009

Designing the Future of Business

Tubebot 002: Off Balance

"Forget total quality. Forget top-down strategy. Design is the engine that can transform a company into a powerhouse of nonstop innovation."

"Imagine a crazy wonderland where most of what you learned in business school is either upside down or backward. A land where customers control the company, jobs are avenues of self-expression, the barriers to competition are out of your control, strangers design your products, fewer features are better, advertising drives customers away, demographics are beside the point, whatever you sell you take back, and best practices are obsolete at birth. Meaning talks, money walks, and stability is fantasy. Talent trumps obedience, imagination beats knowledge, and empathy trounces logic.

If you've been paying close attention, you don't have to imagine this scenario. You see it forming all around you. The only question is whether you can change your business, your brand, and your thinking fast enough to take full advantage of it."

Great stuff from Marty Neumeier, president of San Francisco think tank Neutron and author of Zag and The Brand Gap. His latest book, The Designful Company, considers the challenge of building a corporate culture of innovation.

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