Thursday, February 05, 2009

Old Booth Rules!

HMK Polar Explorer

That's Right, that's me created with Old Booth using the original photo below.

Old Booth is an amazingly addictive photo manipulation iPhone app that provides a seriously funny and most intuitively wicked simple GUI that'll have you and everyone looking at your screen laughing out loud in no time!

Designed, programmed and created by Arkadiusz Młynarczyk and Piotr Bialkowski, 2 of the 5 Polish Geniuses over at 2Pixels...

Polish Geniuses you say? Yes! More on these guys later...

Go to the iTunes App store and download your free version right now or grab it from the 2Pixels site!

And when you're done, add your favorites to my Old Booth Rules! group over at flickr!

The awesome Old Booth icon was designed by the amazing Pejot.

HMK Castaway Caveman Spurs Fan

And, just because I love my Spurs, I'm not shaving until coach Popovich does...

Go Spurs!

That's Right,


Thanks to Brian Parrish for the HMK shot and These Guys for the Greg Popovich Image:

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