Monday, June 22, 2009

This Saturday! Meet Rusty Anderson, Paul MacCartney's Guitar Player!

This Saturday! Rusty Anderson, Paul MacCartney's Guitar Player At Redbone Guitar Boutique!

Brain Ray Guitar Clinic
Above: Brian Ray, super wicked nice guy, guitarist and bass player for Sir Paul MacCartney at the Redbone Cavern Club last Saturday for the Summer Clinic Series on June 13th sharing stories, guitar techniques and some truly great words of wisdom for anyone aspiring to be the best they can be and the all important aspect of always saying "Yes" to everything until you're too busy and have to say no.

Sounds like a recipe for success to me! And did I mention his first solo album, Electro Magneto, containing the infectiously bitchin' "Vinyl", seriously kicks ass? Well my friends, it does!

More on Brian here:

And on a totally cool note, I had the great pleasure of joining Brian for dinner thanks to Richard Turner and all the awesome folks over at Redbone Guitar Boutique. I even got to bring along one of my old high school buds Robert Rael - it was an very cool day! Thanks again Richard for including me and letting me be part of Team Redbone!

And I'm not just saying all this because Redbone Guitar Boutique is one of my clients - they are truly real deal people and I'm a very lucky dude to have them as both friends and truly one of my most favorite clients ever!

So what are you waiting for - whether you're a rock freak or a guitar nut, either way you're sure to really dig the vibe of the store, the folks that run it, the catering, beer and wine is a nice touch, and if you're lucky enough, you might be the dude that leaves with a brand spanking new Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Junior, signed by both Brian & Rusty!

The odds of winning are crazy and a deal in and of itself regardless of the clinic!

Seating is limited for this Saturday's Clinic featuring Rusty Anderson, Sir Paul's other Wingman, so do yourself a favor and secure your VIP space right now over at Redbone Guitar Boutique or call 210.822.4111!

See you there!

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  1. Looks like a great gig! Wish I could be there. I played a lot of guitar as a kid but have switched to soprano saxophone. Music is a great thing to have in your life.