Tuesday, November 09, 2010

RIP Chuck Ramirez

Chuck Ramirez Caricature

Way back when in the late 1990's, I was honored when my friend and colleague Chuck Ramirez called me one morning and asked if I wanted to do the invite for the Blue Star Arts & Eats - my answer - Totally! The only thing was.... it was due to the printer the next day.

I remember drawing this little dude, my caricature of Chuck, while I was on the phone with him going over the details of the invite. I finished the illustration, bought some props: vino, daisy and a pear at HEB (save the receipts!) brought everything downtown to Robert Lopez's photography studio and shot it. This is one of the polaroids I saved from the shoot.

Thanks to Chuck this was my first of 3 invites for Arts & Eats and I can still hear him sincerely digging the final piece and thanking me profusely for making it happen with such short notice. That next week there was a nice bottle of wine from Chuck at my office along with a thank you note. Thank you Chuck. Thank you for your inspiration and generosity over the years - I miss you already man!

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