Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KSYM Pledge Drive 2011 - It's On!

It's Pledge Drive 2011 at KSYM! The above are this years t-shirt designs I did as premium offerings for a pledge of $25 or more to the mighty KSYM, 90.1 FM here in San Antonio.

The top shirt is for my Beatle loving freak and friend Richard Turner. Richard is celebrating the 25h Anniversary of his awesome Best Of The Beatles Show that's been on the air every Sunday morning from 9-12 since 1986! Congratulations Richard!

And as if his on air tribute to the Fab Four isn't enough - check out Richard's guitar store in Olmos Park, Redbone Guitar Boutique! He's created a replica of the Cavern Club within the store complete with tons of authentic Beatles memorabilia, swag and of course there are some wicked nice guitars, amps and other gear for sale, including both right and left-handed guitars like Hofner, Vox, Eastman, Duesenberg, Collings, and Gretsch, just to name a few! Do your self a favor and check it out!

The second shirt is for one of my beer drinking, music loving buds, Sir Bobby J and his Mainstream 120 Show. It's San Antonio's only all vinyl Jazz Show and you can check it out every Saturday Morning from 9-11.

Now, if only the folks that maintain the KSYM website were as dedicated, creative and imaginative as the DJ's.... Oh well, good thing it's all about the music! VIVA KSYM!

That's Right,

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