Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ringo's Stick

So. It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 70 and sunny down here in San Antonio and I'm walking Ringo around the Squirl track at Trinity University. I get a hundred yards or so ahead of Ringo and call for him. "C'mon boy, let's go!" As the good puppy looks up from underneath a cluster of trees I notice he's got a big stick in his mouth. Ringo fetching a stick, what the heck? Ringo will be six on December 23rd and he's never, ever, fetched a stick in his life. The stick, part of a branch really, is about 3 feet long and a bit wider than the width of a pencil. As Ringo gets closer I realize that the stick he's "bringing" me is actually caught in his collar and he's just walking along like everthing is cool. Suddenly, the whole camera phone thing makes perfect sense! Crazy pup.

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