Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thinking Holiday

Thinking is so often overlooked, since most of us so called creative types tend to enjoy DOING: designing, creating, making and yes, thinking. It's the leisure of unstructured time over these next few days that allow the opportunity for some real thinking.

It's nice to be able to take an extended breather around this time of year, however we'd all be be kidding ourselves to think we could ignore our work for the entirety of our break. Desing Matters posts on exactly what thoughts we should focus on and avoid. For example, we should replace this:

"Will anybody notice if I don't send out a Christmas card?" or "How can I synchronize my font library across the network?"

with something like this:

"Where is your business headed?" and "Are you content with your client relationships?"

Those questions and more coupled with each new task in 2007 beginning with a streamlined, thus more efficient, methodical approach are just some of what I'll be considering over the next 9 days.

To New Beginnings!

Peace & Happy New Year Y'all!

Thanks for reading.

That's Right,


Thanks to squirrelbait over at Core 77

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