Friday, February 09, 2007

Pimp My Bus!

The Volkswagen bus: 1960s beach bums dug it, brah.

And no wonder. It was cheap, had plenty of room for surfboards, and was about as complicated as a lawn mower. That’s why, when Volkswagen of America’s Electronics Research Lab in Palo Alto wanted an unassuming vehicle to house some of its undercover tech, it settled on a roomy, 21-window Deluxe Microbus from 1964.

Dubbed Chameleon by the ERL team, the van — purchased on eBay for $20,000 — has been completely restored, converted to electric drive, and stocked with the lab’s souped-up automotive electronics.

But the best part?

It still looks boss on the beach.

Read the rest of Mike Spinelli's cool article over at WIRED.

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Thanks to: Wired Magazine

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