Thursday, January 17, 2008

Call The Design Police!

Ahhhhh! Help! Call the Design Police!

It happens all the time. You're minding your own business, enjoying the day and then it happens. You see a poster for an event or product that's so amazingly uninspired, half-assed, lazy and just flat out bad, that it makes you mad. More eye polution crap produced by either a clueless overruling committee or one of the numerous uneducated and talentless wanna be self proclaimed designers that believe more is always better.

(Dude, just because you know how to use a mouse and you have a collection of FREE and nasty bastardized fonts does not mean that you're automatically qualified to be a communication designer.)

So you stand there, asking questions out loud and to know one in particular...


What were they thinking?

Somebody paid good money to some JV, Helen Keller School of Design graduate to produce this piece of crap?

Who chose those colors and fonts?

Is that suppose to be a logo?

Ever heard of kerning, hierarchy, or legibility?

Enter the Design Police and their 5 different templates of stickers that'll apply to just about any design mistake people can make.

I got mine - now please, go get yours and help stop the madness of the NTAC!

Join the cause for smarter, better design and get your stickers over at Design Police.

That's Right,


Thanks again Freddy!

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