Friday, January 18, 2008

Think Big. Think Small.

If you're serious about working on corporate identities and discovering the core and soul visual representation of an organization, including its logo, design, typefaces and colours, as well as its philosophy, you'll appreciate the English version of this smart and informative springboard of knowledge from this Dutch site: NRCV.

It's broken into three sections. The first, a booklet about the general concept of corporate identity, unfortunately is not translated. Suggested reading in English is the book Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler.

The Resources section contains additional information about corporate identity, including a bibliography and links to related sites on the internet.

The coolest part is the catalogue containing descriptions of a large number of corporate identities. Bookmark this one!

And while we're on the subject of getting to the core and soul of organizations - check out this awesome marketing gimmick in the form of a book that was given away by VW dealers in 1961 titled either THINK SMALL or COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR VOLKSWAGEN DEALER. Both of these titles are used. It's full of the great cartoonist and humorists of the time.

Thanks to Mike Lynch and his cool cartoon site.

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