Saturday, February 28, 2009

Le Answer Vinyl iF: Episode 103

Le Answer Vinyl Episode 103 HMK Mystery Stream 02.20.09 B Turntable

That's Right, check out the latest HMK Mystery Stream Podcast, IF: Irregular Frequency Episode 103.

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Captured from the continual mystery stream discovered in the fall of 1961, our mission is to post 60+ minute fragments, as frequently or infrequently as possible, from this not too distant satellite of unknown origion presumed to be located somewhere near the dark side of the moon.

Here's some of what you can expect: Haze-laden static free audio explorations featuring snippets of vaguely familiar audio clues to both your past and future, along with intriguing whispered transmissions of promise via an experimental format known as iF: Irregular Frequency.

Relax and clear your mind. Consider the HMK Mystery Stream as your own personal soundtrack experiment - your personal out-of-body, in-flight entertainment for the next sixty minutes of you life.

The seemingly random sonic segues and hand selected audio transmissions are designed to expedite your personal escape to your own alternative reality. Moving in stereo, in our continuing attempt to gain a more clear and deeper understanding of the infinite concept of space and time fueled by the atmospheric vibrations and soundscapes known as The HMK Mystery Stream.

One can only listen, dream, imagine and repeat whenever possible. As your landscape, mood and sense of reality change, so changes the impact, meaning and relevance of your soundtrack.

Well folks, the captain has turned on the Fresh Coffee sign. Please put your headphones on and prepare for lift off... Roger that... Go with bottle up... Remember: Nothing Is Real Until It Is Shared.

As always your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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